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Three years on and three rescue miracles - Dulcies blog continued.....

Who can believe it has been three years since Dulcie made her blog debut!! What a star she is...and to add to the good news her 'Girl Gang' has expanded with the addition of Nancy and Phoebe - I feel the dog version of the Spice Girls on our hands!!
There has been so much on the news and TV recently about 'Puppy Farms' and it looks like finally there may be stricter laws on this barbaric practice. Although we hear a lot about the awful goings on in this awful trade we don't often hear the success stories.
This blog is actually an update on Dulcie and an introduction to her Sassy Sisters, they went through the ordeal of being kept on a puppy farm but were thankfully rescued by               'Many Tears Animal Rescue'. From there they went on to win the lottery and find themselves in the arms of the most fabulous owner they could ever wish for, here is their story as told by their doting Mum.
The Delightful Dulcie

Dulcie is a joy. She is so loving and affectionate.  Deciding to adopt her has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has grown a lot and the poor coat that worried me so much is now thick and luxuriant. She has a lot of blonde fluff on her head and legs which makes us think there is probably a bit of  Cocker Spaniel in the mix. She also has the Cocker spirit and bit of bonkersness that makes her fun to live with. Here she is with a little cup she was given at her training class for trying so hard. I was so proud of her. 

I was not so proud on the night she stole and ate a large bag of mixed fruit. Sorry and thank you Louise! Nor on the afternoon she stole and ate my birthday chocolates and only left me two orange creams. Sorry and thank you Colin! Apart from that she hasn’t ailed much at all. All those pilchards seem to have done the trick.
Nancy's Story.

This is Nancy. She has been with us for about two years now and she is the most frightened dog I have ever dealt with.
She came from an Irish puppy farm which was shown on Panorama. It was closed down as a result and about 130 dogs were rescued. I hadn’t watched the programme but a friend who is made of sterner stuff than me said the owner was keeping his breeding bitches in hutches like tea chests with a lid on with just a rabbit dripper for water. When I collected Nancy from her fosterer you simply could not handle her. She froze when I touched her and flew round the room like a mountain goat if I attempted to pick her up and hold her. She was terrified of anything coming down from above her, like the car boot. She wouldn’t take treats from my hand I had to put them on the floor and let her approach gradually. The key to Nancy was to take her out. She loved being outside from the start and once I got her collar and lead and harness with a long training lead on her she was happy and we were off! She has never run off, she has had first rate recall from the start. She is still a different dog outdoors. All the tension leaves her face and she is joyful and playful. She loves the car and stands up and watches everything going past.
She is still very wary and shy but she will ask for her turn if the others are having a cuddle and she will play with toys but stops if she sees me watching her. She is very vocal when asking for her dinner or telling me to open the door for her. She loves her comfort and is first in front of the woodburner after tea.
Even after two years she is making progress and every tiny step forward is a thrill. She is so pretty and absolutely adorable and her puppies must have made a lot of money for the creep who exploited her.

...Last of all came Phoebe about eighteen months ago.

Phoebe had spent about six years living in a puppy farm in Ireland producing pups for sale like a little machine. Her teats were nearly on the ground she had fed so many litters. She had broken teeth and a split tongue and I don’t like to think too closely about how that might have happened. They had had to shave her at he rescue she was in such a mess. She was very stressed and scared and she circled constantly for the first few days.

She has turned out to be the merriest, funniest, most loving little girl anyone could imagine. She sings happily to me as I make her meal and will sleep on my knee all evening. She loves her walks and sniffing new smells. We have started classes and she is absolutely tip top at heel work, her eyes never leave me. Anything else is pretty hopeless, she is far too anxious to do anything that involves letting me walk away from her in a strange environment. She loves her new life and she acts like she thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world.

So if anyone is thinking of taking on an ex breeder as a rescue my advice would be….It’s not for the faint hearted and don’t expect them to be grateful. It can be long journey and I have needed all my experience and optimism. But the rewards have been in the thrill of each step along the way and the pleasure I have had from earning their trust and love. 

All these dogs came from Many Tears Animal Rescue in South Wales. They specialise in rescuing ex puppy farm breeders and have a network of fosterers and supporters all over the country. Currently there is greater awareness and  there is a possibility that Lucy’s Law might  be enacted to put an end to this barbarous industry. We can only hope so.        


I hope this is interesting for you. By the way I don’t get steak at the Ivy! Let alone them. You have a vivid imagination about my life. I wish!  Their favourite tea is fish in all its forms, the smellier the better and then they give fishy kisses.

This has been a blog of mixed emotions for me, on one hand it is heart breaking to hear what these beautiful souls have been through and to know that there are thousands of puppies this very second going through the same. On the other hand I could burst with sunshine reading how far these three beauty's have come along and how their lives couldn't be more different than before. They are three very special girls with an extra special owner.

Please share this blog - it is such an important message to spread and people need to know how in this day and age Puppy farms ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

If you would like to read more please have a read of 'Dulcies Blog' in the link below.

Thank you so much for reading this blog, my next blog will cover what to look for in a breeder so watch this space.........
All credits for this blog should go to Dulcie, Nancy and Phoebes Mum, thank you again for keeping us updated and lock up those chocolates haha!!xxx

Monday, 12 March 2018

Easter Eggs and dogs - a recipe for disaster!!

Easter Eggs and Dogs - a Recipe for Disaster.

With Easter on the horizon and the shelves filling up with the sassy, shiny Easter eggs - it means one thing here at Bay Vets - when will the first Chocolate poisoning of the season arrive? We have seen it all here eg. a Boxer dog devouring 7 Easter Eggs and packaging that were hidden away in somebodies front room. We however don't get to see the enjoyment of the few minutes it takes to devour a lifetime of chocolate - we see the aftermath which isn't quite so happy. In fact it puts us all off chocolate for a few weeks anyway (as you will see from the photo to follow - please don't read on if you are eating.)
                                 ......and yes it also smells of pure Chocolate too!!

This is the aftermath of a dog eating an excessive amount of chocolate, you can see now why we are easily put off. If a dog gets brought into us after eating chocolate we have to be very cautious. A lot of the times we have to administer some medication to make the dogs vomit and try and get rid of the chocolate that way as demonstrated above. In some cases if the amount ingested is very high we may have to keep the dog in on fluids. If caught in time this is a tough lesson for them to learn (which to be fair never normally stops them) The worse case scenario is death, which is why we recommend to act quickly.

Here is something nice to take your mind of the previous picture!

Below is a guide to what is classed as dangerous amounts of chocolate in dogs - it obviously depends on the age/size of the dog and what sort of chocolate is devoured. Dark chocolate contains more caffeine and theobromine than milk chocolate and its these ingredients which cause the toxicity.

So why is Chocolate safe for us and not dogs you might ask? Well the ingredients that give us a 'chocolate high' aren't great for dogs at all. In fact dogs are very sensitive to Caffeine and Theobromine. The danger being once dogs start eating something they like they don't tend to stop - and we all know most dogs LOVE chocolate!! 

So imagine if you have ever had too much coffee or caffeine - you feel all shaky and jittery and your heart is going ten to the dozen - well this is so much worse for a dog!! Dogs don't just get jittery - it can lead to seizures, psychosis and your dog can also go into a coma.. Also, a dogs’ heart can develop full-blown arrhythmias, which can lead to cardiac arrest. Scary isn't it!!!

Theobromine which is found in the cocoa bean is kidney toxic in high doses. Fortunately us humans can break down the Theobromine before it can build up to toxic levels, but dogs can't break it down quick enough. This is when it builds up in the blood attacking the kidney tissue leading to Renal failure.

Another danger is what can happen to their digestive system!! The ingredients in chocolate cause the dog to become super thirsty. The excessive water mixes with all the naughtiness of chocolate eg butter, cream, nougat - which can lead to pancreatitis, this is when the pancreas begins to digest itself - horrible isn't it!! This can be fatal and dogs have been known to become diabetic in later life!!

And you can hold your horses Milky Bar Kid!! Just because white chocolate doesn't actually contain cocoa it is still dangerous to dogs in high doses. It still contains A LOT of cream, butter and sugar so will certainly have the same effect as dark chocolate when it comes to vomiting, diarrhoea and if eaten in excess Pancreatitis - No Chocolate Is Safe!!

So things to look out for if you think your Dog has over indulged in Chocolate include
  • Excessive Thirst. 
  • Diahorrea
  • Vomitting 
  • Racing Heartbeat
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arrhythmia
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Death
To reduce the risk of your dog getting Chocolate poisoning there are a number of things you can do?
1.)Not get Easter Eggs - which would be a travesty in itself so instead we would recommend -

2.)Keep all Easter Eggs on a high surface preferably in a room out of bounds - in other words behind lock and key!!

3.)You can now buy Easter Eggs just for dogs which contain none of the toxic ingredients, these probably still wont be as tempting as our eggs but they are a good distraction- although we would always recommend to get them from a reputable seller. 
And whatever you do - DONT FALL FOR THIS!! The oldest trick in the book!!!

We get enquiries throughout the year about dogs eating what they shouldn't, its fairly normal but naughty for them to eat what they want. Below is a list of foods to avoid.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share this blog - I hope it can help you. Never worry about being over cautious it is always better to be safe than sorry!!

Thank you,

Monday, 3 April 2017

The Easter Bunnies words of wisdom....


Spring is in the air, the lambs are in the fields and the 'Oh no my dogs eaten 8 chocolate eggs' helpline is back in business- yes Easter has arrived. So whilst most pets choose to enjoy the sprinkles of sunshine, binkies in the garden and long  sunny walks there are always that small handful that like to cause a bit of carnage!!

So how can you stop this from happening?

Yes we can ban Easter eggs from the house - but we need our chocolate fix to get through the bank holiday.

The Easter Egg Hunt
These are always a lot of fun but remember Dogs will eat ANYTHING!! The plastic eggs are a choking hazard and could also lead to blockages if swallowed, hard boiled eggs aren't dangerous but will spoil after a few days. Therefore it is best we give the family dog the best seat in the house whilst the hunt is under way. Make sure all eggs are accounted for at the end of the hunt too as we all know that a dog could find a bone shaped needle in a haystack.

If you are worried your pet may have eaten something they shouldn't for example a plastic egg things to look for include;

Vomiting, usually with abdominal contractions. May be projectile if the obstruction is in the upper small intestine.
Abdominal pain.
Abdominal distension.
Loss of appetite.
Lethargy and Weakness.
Dogs with partial obstructions may burp and have diarrhoea.

If you are worried about any of the above symptoms do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at

Easter Eggs
We all know not to give dogs chocolate - but somehow every year we get a few sorry characters coming in to the vets to say bye to what they have just eaten. Chocolate in a small quantity of course isn't ideal but dark chocolate is more hazardous. If your dog consumes an un-healthy amount of chocolate (along with the packaging, foil, and what ever else is in the vicinity) please call your vet for advice. We can reduce the risk of this happening by - Not having chocolate eggs at all (which is just silly) or sensibly keeping the eggs out of harms way. From personal experience when it comes to dogs and chocolate - this means on a very high shelf in the spare room under lock and key!! It is also important to let children know NOT to give their Easter treats to pets, there are Easter eggs especially for pets available now if this makes it easier to get through a vet free Easter.
Dangerous Plants
It is common knowledge that Lilies are fatal if they get in the wrong paws but did you know a number of spring flowers are also poisonous? Its almost impossible to keep your pets away from all of these flowers as they are everywhere at this time of year making us humans smile and sneeze. Here is a list of flowers harmful to our pets-

Boo hiss I hear you all say!! Fortunately we rarely see cases where these pretties have been ingested so we can relax as I am sure most houses have a vase of Daf's or Tulips. If you are worried your pet may have had a ravenous run in with any of these flowers please call your vet for further advice.

These on the other hand are like Mr Magregor to Peter Rabbit or Sylvester to Tweety-pie...

These are highly toxic especially to cats and in most cases can be fatal. This article by summarises the risks perfectly.
What we would advise is to not risk it happening - if you have pets DO NOT have lilies in your house - even if you think they are out of reach they probably aren't!!

Say NO to the Easter Bunny!!
All those who know me will know how much I LOVE rabbits and would always recommend them as the best pets for those who have the time, knowledge and patience to look after them. Easter time throws all my eggs out of the basket and I would always say don't let the season lead you to make a decision to get a bunny  - I mean we don't all go out at Christmas and buy ourselves a reindeer!! Rabbits take up a lot of time every day, they drain the bank, need lots of space to play, lots of companionship and most of all lots of love!! A lot of animal shelters halt the adoption of rabbits over the Easter period as people get them on a whim - I mean I know they are hard to resist - but they are always there through the year to be rescued!! For more details and advice visit

Easter toys and decorations
Look deep into my eyes..............don't be fooled by my cute exterior - I am here to cause Easter carnage!! It is the norm these days to go all out at Easter - there are twiggy trees, hanging decorations, wreaths, fancy sassy ribbon Easter Eggs, teeny Easter chicks and all kinds of Easter tom foolery. It may look nice - if you don't have cats clawing at everything and dogs chewing and hovering up the mini chicks - so here is how to make it safe.
Keep twiggy trees and hanging decorations out of the reach of pets - they are choking hazards and tummy obstructions waiting to happen.
Ribbons can also cause problems as for some reason cats love to chew and sometimes eat them, these can cause all kinds of problems with their intestines so we advise ribbons are a NO!!
Make sure any Easter toys you do get your pet are pet friendly and large enough to not get swallowed.
Easter egg packaging can also cause problems as pets appetites don't seem to have filters - again plastic and cardboard can cause blockages and the foil on the egg can cause tares and further internal damage. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure the children tidy up after themselves and use the bin.

We may think pets look adorable in their little fancy dress outfits but if it is causing to much stress for the animal please STOP!! This cat is obviously loving life or maybe its part of its eat the Easter bunny trap!!
Baby chicks and ducks may seem like the perfect Easter addition, but think twice before you run off to your local chick-shop! Not only do these cute babies grow to be large adult animals requiring lots of care, they can sometimes carry Salmonella and other bacteria which can be transmitted to your children and other pets. My advice - stuffed bunnies and bottle brush chicks make much nicer Easter pets.
So I hope if not been to much of a Bad News Bunny!! I hope you and your pets have a fabulous Easter full of Chocolate for humans and sunshine dust, spring walks and extra bank holiday days spent with their staff (for our pets of course.) We are open over the Easter and there is a vet on call out of hours, hopefully we wont hear from you unless it is to tell us our huge Easter egg delivery is on its way.
So for now I shall leave you to enjoy.............

Images taken from Google Images, Make mine chocolate and Cats Protection.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Say Cheese.................Its Pet Dental Month!!

The pout is out.....and this February the SMILE is back. 
Yes at Bay Vets it is Pet Dental Month!!!

So here is a blog sized guide as to how you can enhance your pets Hollywood smile and ensure they are fit enough to don the blue and white striped pyjamas and join the little chap on the aquafresh advert!!

As always there is always somebody on the other end of the phone to answer any oral hygiene questions or you can make an appointment to see one of our experienced Vets or Nurses to check your pets pearls. Hopefully this will help you prevent the need for dental surgery ever happening to your pet.

is for Scrub. 

Did you know you can get toothpaste and brushes especially for your pets. A lot of the toothpastes available are Enzymatic - these pastes contain enzymes which react with saliva. The enzymes kill bacteria and help break down and tartar. This helps reduce bad 'dog breath' and helps prevent gum disease.


We would recommend cleaning your dog/cats teeth once daily but be brave as they aren't going to enjoy it - just like we don't. 

To see how to brush your dogs teeth please click here.

To make it easier some enzymatic toothpastes can be applied to the paw especially when it comes to cats - we all know how annoyed they get if something touches that precious paw (unless its a hand before treat) The pet will automatically lick it off and ta-da once it mixes with the saliva it springs into action. Lets hope you don't have glass top tables.............

 is for Maintenance. 
From a little kitten to a big old Labrador and all the bits in between it is important to make sure as an owner you can do all you can for your pet. This will include feeding a suitable diet from the first time those little dagger teeth appear, annual dental checks, regular brushing and making sure the diet is adequate and not going to do any harm to their gnashers. 
Following these routines will help your pets mouths stay healthy and happy, stop us keeling over due to their breaths, reduce vet bills and improve our pets general well being. As part of your pets oral hygiene we can also carry out scale and polishes under anaesthetic and other dental procedures such as extractions and xrays. Although not always necessary the option is always there to help maintain or re-new that Hollywood smile.

Kong also do a number of puppy toys which help puppies through the teething stage, these are available in our boutique.
puppy teeth needles
Although the rule is to make sure the toy is needle teeth friendly unlike this tennis ball.........

is for Ickle Bunnies. 
Rabbits are a whole new set of rules. Their teeth are so essential that a really bad dental problem can be fatal!! To ensure your rabbits teeth are as healthy as they can be there is one essential in their diet...........HAY!! As rabbits teeth constantly grow throughout their lives, they need something they can grind and burr them down with and hay is perfect for this along with hard pellets and wood and toys to gnaw on. 
Problems with overgrown or deformed teeth include abscesses and becoming too painful to actually bite down and crunch food. Signs to look for include runny eyes or nose, a more empty toilet and growths or sores under the chin. 
If a rabbit is unable to eat for a short time this can cause gut-stasis and once their digestive system stops working it is hard to get it going again, this can often be fatal. Obesity is also a problem with rabbits and is often down to a bad diet and lack of exercise. I would certainly class a muesli food as a bad diet due to the fact that just like us rabbits will pick all of the naughty sweet bits out----so even though it may look boring, a complete pellet diet is perfect. 
It is also important to make sure any treats we give our bunnies are a healthier less sugary choice - did you know the rabbit and carrot myth is so wrong - carrots are full of natural sugar which isn't good for your rabbits teeth - but don't tell Bugs!!

is for loss of teeth. 
As we know dogs loose their puppy teeth within the first 6 months - so it is vital we maintain a high standard of dental care from the early years to prevent any problems in the future. Unfortunately we don't have a choice when it comes to rescue animals that may not have been given the best smiliest start in life. So what if you have an unfortunate pet who looses all their teeth....Dragons Den haven't quite got round to Doggy Dentures just yet!! 
This is when a wet diet is recommended or a dry diet that has been moistened by adding a bit of water - as a dog with no teeth tends to lap up the food a wet diet would be preferable and to make it easier mash and chop up the food before hand. 
Although a dog with no teeth is far from ideal people often say that a toothless dog  is a lot happier than a dog with only a few problematic teeth. This is however no excuse to let your pets dental problems reach that stage. 

 is for Eating Habits. 
We would always recommend a dry diet for your pet - we even provide a dental specific diet and often put the post op white teeth brigade on this diet once they have had dental treatment to keep up with the whiter than white trend. 
The kibble helps clean and maintain the teeth unlike wet food that can stick to the teeth and get lodged..... which doesn't produce the sassiest of smells. Always make sure water is available to provide the moisture which may be missed if your not feeding a wet food. 
There are a number of treats that enhance your pets teeth such as denta-sticks and logic chews for dogs and dentabits for cats but these should be given sparingly as fatty felines and hoochie hounds opens a whole new can of worms!!
So why not take advantage of Pet Dental Month at one of our 4 surgeries. We are offering free dental checks with one of our Vets for the month of February, this will give the Vet  an opportunity to examine and advise you on how you can improve your pets oral hygiene.
So in the mean time we are off to practice our sassy smiles - and ponder on why us Humans don't have a smiley month??

That's all folks.................